Digital Health Intelligence Limited is the company behind, and the publisher of Digital Health News, Digital Health Intelligence, and Digital Health Networks.

The company was created in November 2014, when its predecessor, EHealth Media, sold its events and awards businesses, EHI Live and the EHI Awards, to Informa.

However, it builds on the success of EHealth Media, which ran the portal, and is led by Jon Hoeksma, one of its co-founders.

EHealth Media started life on 13 December 2001, when it published its first newsletter, promising to chart the way in which information technology was “changing the way managers and clinical staff work, the way services are delivered, and how health consumers think and behave.”

It grew throughout the years of the National Programme for IT in the NHS, adding a successful jobs board in 2005, a research business, EHI Intelligence, in 2010, and the first of its networks, the CCIO Leaders Network, in 2011.

Digital Health Intelligence Limited continues this pedigree of providing independent, trusted, market-leading news on the UK health IT sector.

However, Digital Health News is expanding its coverage of the wider, fast-evolving field of digital health, in which many developments are happening outside the health service, in the social care and consumer space.

Digital Health Intelligence Limited also runs Digital Health Intelligence, a service provided free to NHS research partners.

This includes the Clinical Digital Maturity Index, a record of the key systems installed at NHS trusts, which can be used to benchmark digital maturity at a national, regional and trust level.

Digital Health Networks, meanwhile, provides the home for the CCIO Network and the Health CIO Network, which promote leadership, collaboration and best practice through events, annual summer schools and national conferences.

The aim of Digital Health Intelligence Limited is to integrate news, intelligence and networks into a single, compelling service. A major step on this journeyis this new website on the domain, which was launched in summer 2015.