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The CCIO Network promotes the development of Chief Clinical Information Officers across the NHS. The rapidly growing best practice and expert end user community is delivered through regular meetings and online events and collaboration community. The network is open to all current and aspiring clinical information leaders. Enquiries:

Wachter focuses on CCIOs

Dr Robert Wachter’s review of the digital future of the NHS will focus on issues of clinical engagement with IT implementations, particularly the role of chief clinical information officers.


Enter the CCG: on the snail at the backdoor

John Lockley worries that the NHS is going down the line of centralised, expensive ‘solutions’ to cybercrime, when what it needs is up to date systems, better training – and the money to pay for them – on the ground.



Joe’s view: Can the NHS bear to be special?

Joe McDonald is worried that “NHS special” technology services are coming at too high a development and financial cost to be sustainable. Time to use other people’s infrastructure and ideas…



Enter the CCG: on what NHS IT can learn from Google

GP John Lockley points out that people use Google because it works; while they use NHS software because they have to or are ‘incentivised’ to. This, he adds, needs to change.



Enter the CCG: deals with conflicts of interest

Dr John Lockley argues that conflicts of interest are inevitable. It’s how you deal with them – and whether you make them work for all concerned – that counts.


Joe’s view: of the clinical software usability survey

Joe McDonald explains why Digital Health and the CCIO Network are running a survey of usability of electronic patient records – and urges all those who want better software to take part.



RC Psych backs cSUS

The Royal College of Psychiatrists is the first to back the Clinical Software Usability Survey, launched by Digital Health and the Chief Clinical Information Officer Leaders Network.


Enter the CCG: tackles spaghetti systems

As a programmer, John Lockley was inspired by computing pioneers who wanted to keep things simple. Now, as a GP and CCG member, he thinks it’s time for the NHS to absorb the same thinking.


NHS staff asked to rate EPR usability

NHS clinicians have been asked to rate the usability of their main IT system in a survey launched by Digital Health Intelligence and the CCIO Leaders Network.



Joe’s view: of wearables

Thanks to his Apple Watch, Joe McDonald can sit on a yacht in Turkey and receive text messages from his mother’s kettle in Newcastle. But, he suggests, it’s vulnerable people and patients who should be wearing the watch.



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