Building your business case for Single Sign-on and Authentication

Introducing new systems, new technology, and new ways of working can be fraught with uncertainty; not least about whether it will deliver the benefits that you expect. A benefits realisation study is a process to confirm suspected insights and to identify new potential benefits through qualitative and quantitative data.

Imprivata routinely runs benefits realisation programs with clients before a major implementation to make sure that the proposed solution is suitable, and will deliver the benefits required.

It’s important to get clinicians involved in the process. Buy-in and engagement of users is one of the single biggest factors of a successful IT project. Empowering end users in their job, so that the technology is almost transparent and certainly does not get in the way of providing timely care to patients is paramount.

Imprivata’s benefits realisation service is the first step to help build your business case by identifying issues and likely savings/outcomes upfront, and then ensuring that you have a blueprint by which to configure the solution to ensure it meets your exact requirements.

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