Cybersecurity - HSCIC Digital Leaders Programme

Cybersecurity - HSCIC Digital Leaders Programme

CCIO/CIO networks and HSCIC Digital Leaders Programme joint webinar on future priorities and strategic development of cybersecurity in health and social care.  

The webinar will provide an opportunity to better understand future plans on cybersecurity and a live Q&A session with the programme leads for HSCIC.  It will provide an opportunity for local NHS lT leaders to have their say on cybersecurity services and influence future developments

The discussion begun on the webinar will be continued with the launch of a dedicated NHS and social care cybersecurity online discussion on Digital Health Networks, home of the CCIO and CIO networks.

The presenters will be:

Dan Taylor - Programme Head of Cybersecurity, HSCIC

Chair: Jon Hoeksma - CEO and Editor, Digital Health

Date: 08 Jan 2016 12:30 –13:30

14 October 2015