Health Education England & HSCIC

Health Education England & HSCIC

Health Education England & HSCIC - National Information board workstream 6: Helping health and care professionals to make the best use of data and technology

This webinar will cover:

- An overview of the National Information Board Workstream 6 (Leadership and Workforce Capability) ambitions and activities, concentrating on our support for the profession (experts)
- Discussing the role of influencing and training leaders with examples of where leaders are proving to be blockers or enablers with the view of establishing a wish list of what leaders need to be able to know or do
- Identify and explain the competency framework. As CIOs, what skills, knowledge's, behaviours and values should the following groups have in order for organisations to address some of the problems CIOs are experiencing
o Administrators, doctors and nurses
o IT staff and data, knowledge and information professionals
o Leaders
- Fed – IP as a coordinating body, the idea of a professional body and a straw poll on the need for a professional body

Link to recording of video: https://vimeo.com/157455845

Date: 19 Feb 2016 12:30 –13:30

14 October 2015