Clinical Software Usability cSUS results

Clinical Software Usability cSUS results

The usability of clinical software, how many clicks and how intuitive it is to use, is one of the most important considerations in whether it is used effectively by doctors, nurses and other clinicians.   Get it wrong and users may avoid, or not use safely.

To help improve understanding of this key issue Digital Health Intelligence has completed phase one of the first national comparative clinical software usability study, cSUS.

The cSUS webinar, presented by Jon Hoeksma from Digital health and Dr Marcus Baw project lead, will provide early top-level findings from the study and outline next steps. 

Dr Shaun O’Hanlon, the chief medical officer EMIS Health (no suppliers have yet been provided their cSUS results) will also provide a perspective on how one supplier is working to measure and improve usability.

Further results will be published in May with more detailed results published at the CCIO Summer School, 13-14 July, Leeds University  http://www.digitalhealth.net/event/47461/ccio-summer-school   

During the initial survey phase, which closed March 31, over 1300 clinicians from across all parts of the NHS provided detailed usability ratings data on the clinical systems they use most often to care for patients. 

Launched in November 2015, the data collection phase has seen ratings data submitted on 101 clinical systems in use across the UK, covering hospitals, mental health, community services and general practice. 

The data will now be analysed to provide comparisons between different areas of care, different regions of the NHS and different categories of clinical IT systems.

Subject to evaluation of the project the intention is to scale up cSUS and create a next-generation 'usability platform' for all health software.


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Presenters will be: 

  • Shaun O’Hanlon: Chief Medical Officer, EMIS Group
  • Marcus Baw: GP and Discourse Wrangler
  • Jon Hoeksma: Editor, Digital Health 

Link to recording: https://vimeo.com/166190203


Date: 06 May 2016 12:30 –13:30

14 October 2015