Clinical Risk Management

Clinical Risk Management

Clinical Risk Management is the assurance process which evidences the patient safety considerations in respect to the development, deployment and use of clinical software.  It is a critical part of safely deploying software that will impact patient clinical care.  But it is also an area that has generated a lot of confusion and uncertainty.  What are the key standards?  What training exists and how can you access it?  Who is responsible for signing off the clinical risk management of a project?  And when should they do so?

In this CCIO Industry Network Best Practice Webinar Clive Tomsett, Cerner, and Stuart Harrison, HSCIC, will jointly explore some of the key aspects of Clinical Risk Management, drawing on their extensive experience of safely deploying clinical software systems into the NHS.

Presenters will be: 

  • Clive Tomsett, Head of Clinical Risk Management - Cerner
  • Stuart Harrison: Head Of Safety Engineering, Clinical Safety/Solution Assurance, Operational & Assurance Services - HSCIC
  • Chair: Jon Hoeksma, CEO and Editor - Digital Health 

Link to recording of webinar: https://vimeo.com/179302816

Date: 17 Jun 2016 12:30 –13:30

14 October 2015