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The government has been consulting on plans for an Information Revolution that will require more data sharing between health and social care. Security needs to be built into integration projects from the outset, Daloni Carlisle hears.



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Orion Health

Today, organisations across the NHS are using Orion Health Rhapsody to link together their information systems, and to provide a platform for greater interoperability. Orion Health Rhapsody provides comprehensive support for a vast range of communication protocols and message formats - ensuring connectivity between all healthcare information systems.

Rhapsody has a range of advanced (yet user-friendly) options that allow simple data processing, while helping trust interface managers and IT administrators to reduce their workload and overcome complex technological challenges with ease.

Developed specifically for healthcare, Orion Health Rhapsody provides advanced transformation and message management capabilities for NHS organisations operating across primary and acute care, as well as regional and national healthcare providers around the world.

E-mail: Richard.Cotman@orionhealth.com
Tel: +33 6 32 77 99 10 (Richard Cotman)
Web: Orion website


InterSystems Ensemble ITK - standards-based integration

There is an ever increasing need for information exchange as NHS organisations and their suppliers align their processes between disparate care settings centred on end-to-end patient-centric services. However, this makes the underlying IT integration more complex.

In response, the DH's Interoperability Toolkit (ITK) uses a standards-based approach to make integration easier, with improved quality at a lower cost. InterSystems achieved the UK's first fully compliant ITK accreditation and is now making its ITK capability available free of charge as part of its standard InterSystems Ensemble platform. The benefits of the ITK include:

  • Enhanced structured communication between care settings
  • Improved business agility
  • Future proofed solutions
  • Reduced costs
  • Reduced clinical risk
  • Reduced dependencies on incumbent suppliers.

ITK compliance has already shown to reduce the construction cost of interfaces between clinical systems by around 80%.

E-mail: alison.findlay@intersystems.com
Tel: +44 (0) 1753 829 692 (Alison Findlay)
Web: InterSystems website



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CACI is a leading provider of IT solutions and consultancy services, specialising in delivering financial planning and business intelligence based solutions to the NHS.

Currently working with more than 200 NHS trusts, including primary and community care, acute and mental health services, our solutions are designed to help clinicians and finance managers alike to gain a more complete picture of trust performance and patient activity.

Our InView data warehousing and business intelligence solution provides a single and coherent source of clinical, operational, financial and management information, whilst our Synergy costing solution provides service line reporting, patient level costing and income modelling analysis. Together, these solutions place CACI as the No1 supplier of business intelligence and activity based costing solutions to the NHS.

E-mail: info@caci.co.uk
Tel: +44 (0) 161 232 6297
Web: CACI website


Vendor independent clinical integration: drive down costs and eliminate clinical risk

Bridge the gap between clinical equipment and hospital systems with HD Clinical.

All trusts have multiple systems and clinical equipment, yet very few communicate with one another - where is the bridge? Without a link between systems, the cost of obtaining complete clinical information is constantly growing with a significant impact on patient experience, outcomes and increased costs.

HDC has applied more than 30 years' clinical integration experience to develop a range of vendor independent clinically integrated solutions. Benefit from:

  • Single point access to diagnostic quality enterprise wide digital output
  • Bidirectional vendor independent clinical equipment integration
  • Immediate access to tertiary centres with electronic referrals
  • Data sharing across trusts and external bodies.

E-mail: gary.ferguson@hd-clinical.com
Tel: +44 (0) 1279874573 (Gary Ferguson)
Web: HD Clinical website


Ascribe is a leading healthcare IT company based in the UK. Our solutions help more than 75% of NHS trusts inform clinicians, improve patient safety and reduce costs. Our approach, as integration specialists, is to implement best of breed, within a common integration platform. This means you do not have to compromise on functionality delivered to departments, when your aspiration is to implement an enterprise wide strategy.

We have a proven track record in developing integrated solutions using IT systems and consultancy services. We begin by understanding your problem, we review your processes and then provide advice and IT solutions to implement change; for example, implementing paperless clinical management systems. One client recently said: "The system paid for itself in two months", senior NHS clinical manager.

If you want to speak to our customers and ask how our integration solutions are improving patient safety and reducing their costs then please call us today. The company was recently listed in the Sunday Times TechTrack 100, and is a Microsoft Gold Partner.

E-mail: ehispecialreport@ascribe.com
Tel: +44 (0) 870 053 4545 - Sales Office
Web: Ascribe website



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