Ewan Davis: EPS – is it my fault?

Ewan reflects wonders why he keeps running out of his repeat medication, ponders the hapless state of the so called Electronic Prescribing Service, fears that both are his fault, and says lessons need to be learned.

27 September 2016


Another view: of EPS and GP frustrations with ordering drugs online

Neil Paul wonders if the move to open up primary care systems to third parties could lead to better prescription services for patients. But what he’d really like is a rethink of how online ordering works for GPs.

27 September 2016


Guest column: IMS Maxims: Invest in talent, not gender

Shane Tickell, the chief executive of IMS Maxims, says it’s shocking there are so few women working in the tech industry, and companies need to address that, while commercial director Leesa Ewing gives her perspective.

26 September 2016

Explainer: when is an app not an app (but a medical device)?

New guidance has been released on when an app becomes a “medical device” but attempts to control which apps creep into the NHS have had a rocky history, Ben Heather discovers.

14 September 2016


Exemplars programme prompts mixed response

Reaction to the news that NHS trusts are to be split into global exemplars, national exemplars and others has been mixed. Digital Health News rounds up responses.

8 September 2016


Calling the FHIR brigade

Philip Scott, chair of HL7 UK, discusses the evolution of the HL7 FHIR standard, some projects in which it is being used in the NHS, and how to find out more at a conference this month.

6 September 2016


Ewan Davis: working on the (block)chain gang

Some blockchain techs have great potential in healthcare. But the NHS needs to think carefully about which techs are useful and which are just hype.

31 August 2016


Rotherham’s SEPIA tinted view

When The Rotherham NHS Foundation Trust ran into problems with a big EPR implementation, it added a ‘skin’ to link up its systems. This has developed into a sophisticated portal that now underpins the area’s IT strategy, as Laura Stevens discovered.

30 August 2016


Totes amazing: site visit to Pharmacy2U

A decade and a half after it became the UK's first online chemist, Pharmacy2U has opened a 'medication hub' that can handle and dispatch a million prescriptions a month. Lyn Whitfield went to see transformation in action.

25 August 2016


Another view: of appointments, texts and email

GP Neil Paul is annoyed that his system supplier has tweaked its online booking platform; but also convinced that electronic communications with patients are on the cusp of a revolution.

23 August 2016


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