6 July 2015 14:31

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But, presumably, the locally-produced business cases on which the funds were awarded would have included evidence-based figures to demonstra...
Natterjack    06 July 2015

The difference in mindsets is, I believe, alive and well.
BeenThere    06 July 2015

This has been quite low profile. I think this may in part be that there is at present no robust mechanism for sending electronic messages in...
JamesReed    06 July 2015

To add to my previous comment, this paperless loop is not possible at present. We need a proper referral system, one where we don't have to...
Badajoz    06 July 2015

And the GP side interfaces will be ready by the end of the year (NHS England 29/6/2015 InterSystems conference)
Badajoz    06 July 2015

One of the criticisms was the number of different project managers - and lack of a SRO. If that is the case, shouldn't your ire be directed ...
Mary Hawking    05 July 2015

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Cambridge University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust is three years on from signing its landmark deal with HP and Epic – and eight months on from going live with the electronic patient record. Thomas Meek reports.
2 July 2015


Neil Paul is not impressed with the government’s new deal for GPs. Thankfully, some people are working on better ideas for dealing with patient demand than just getting docs to work harder for no more money.
1 July 2015


In the second of his new columns, Digital Health News reporter Thomas Meek asks why mental health has seen as explosion of apps; and what needs to be done to get them into clinical and patient use.
23 June 2015

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