3 July 2015 11:40

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Waterfall, paralysis by analysis, trying to be all things to all people and that's before you get to the politics in the NHS. Even if we d...
ex-NHS    03 July 2015

....but we see it time and time again and it seems the lessons aren't being learnt. You suggest the people responsible have dissipated in ...
ex-NHS    03 July 2015

I know exactly what it does. No matter how much you big it up its an indefensible rip off at half the price (and still massively over budge...
ex-NHS    03 July 2015

One of the repeated mistakes in these projects is we fail to look outside our own box. Many of the problems GP.Data, GPES drove into and sol...
Badajoz    03 July 2015

Not invented here.
BeenThere    03 July 2015

Really? You think that what GPES does is a simple as grabbing a bunch of Excel exports from all four clinical systems? You really should go ...
BeenThere    03 July 2015

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