22 May 2015 18:33

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An NHS number does not infer entitlement to care. The NHS number is a identifier for anyone who has received care in the NHS (whether the c...
ehmonkey    22 May 2015

Presumably you're also aware that for the majority of these supermarkets (possible exception being Tesco), home delivery is at present a los...
Anonymous 22 May 2015

I too object to paying for those with unhealthy lifestyles , but I object more to the gross inefficiency in the NHS. Those changes are much ...
ex-NHS    22 May 2015

I was under the impression that the "Health tourist" element was already covered in that patients without NHS numbers could not be...
Merda_taurorum_animas_conturbit    22 May 2015

This is politics Joe innit? This gets the Daily Snail and every other swivel-eyed right-wing nut-job in the media behind the SCR programme ...
JacquesOuze    22 May 2015

Yes I agree that fat and sugar taxes and minimum alcohol pricing is the way to go. It was the underlying sentiment I objected to. The gover...
JacquesOuze    22 May 2015

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Medway NHS Foundation Trust has become the first in the country to appoint a chief quality officer to its board. Lyn Whitfield talks to Trisha Bain, the former director of informatics taking on the new role.
20 May 2015

CSC’s head of healthcare in the UK tells Jon Hoeksma the company has “stayed the course” on Lorenzo, but its future lies in supporting new service models.
20 May 2015


On a recent trip to London, Joe McDonald found himself using an online GP service; and realised it worked on the EasyJet model. Can the NHS manage to adopt this kind of innovation?
13 May 2015

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