EHI launches EHI Imaging Informatics

EHealth Insider is launching a news and information service dedicated to the emerging discipline of imaging informatics.

Visitors to EHI Live 2012 today will get the first sight of the new service, which will look at all aspects of the management of information from medical images. The full launch of EHI Imaging Informatics will take place in the new year.

EHI director Linda Davidson said: “EHI has a long record of covering imaging informatics. Our earliest newsletters looked at the spread of filmless imaging, so EHI seems like a natural home for the subject.

“In addition, imaging informatics is quintessentially a discipline that requires close collaboration between knowledgeable clinicians, specialist informaticians and industry experts. EHI’s audience reflects that mix and continues to develop as a place where they can meet.”

This is a critical time for imaging informatics. The national contracts for picture archiving and communications systems and radiology information systems that were placed by the National Programme for IT in the NHS are coming to an end, and trusts are having to decide how to replace them.

This has brought into sharp focus the question of whether trusts can secure control of their imaging data, and whether they are in a position to switch systems safely and with minimum disruption, if that is what they choose to do.

In addition, while radiology dominates medical imaging today, many other ‘ologies’ are starting to use imaging as an integral part of their practice. This raises the question of how images can be shared between different systems – and, indeed, integrated with converged electronic patient records.

Davidson said the new service will look at best practice in all these areas; as well as other important topics, such as how to store data, how to make imaging systems mobile, and how imaging specialists can work with other members of informatics teams.

“We will explore how IT specialists, statisticians and so on can come together to use systems to best advantage and promote safer, more effective patient care,” she said.

“A blended approach using different skills to solve problems and improve services is the way forward.”

Many aspects of imaging informatics will be discussed at the UK Imaging Informatics Group autumn meeting, which is being held alongside EHI Live 2012today.

Watch out for reports on the new EHI Imaging Informatics pages or read more about the new service.

Last updated: 15 November 2012 17:23

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