4 July 2015 21:42

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Chertsey hospital sends e-docs to GPs

15 August 2011   Fiona Barr

Ashford and St Peter’s Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust has become the first hospital to use PCTI’s document transfer software for accident and emergency reports.

A joint project between NHS Surrey and the Chertsey-based hospital has seen the implementation of PCTI’s Electronic Document Transfer Hub to deliver documents to 69 GP practices within Surrey and a further 31 practices outside the county.

The EDT Hub sends all inpatient discharge summaries, clinical correspondence and A&E reports to GPs. The Ashford project is the only one so far to use the system for A&E documents.

PCTI said demand from GPs to receive more documents electronically had been a key driver for the project.

Dr Paul Kuzmin, a GP in Woking, said his practice is now receiving attendance at A&E and outpatient letters through the EDT Hub.

He added: “A huge amount of time is saving in not having to scan them in and there is a massive speed advantage in that they arrive the moment they are produced.”

PCTI said the project, launched six month ago, has also become the first to send more than 100,000 documents with 190,000 planned for the next 12 months.

Laura Ellis-Philip, head of IT at Ashford and St Peter’s, said the EDT project had made a significant impact on its work to achieve its Quality, Innovation Productivity and Prevention targets.

She added: “By sending documents electronically we can remove costs and save staff time, which has become a real driver in creating many efficiencies and smoothing out many processes.”

Ellis-Philip said the project had led to excellent feedback from GP practices and improved relationships between the trust and GPs who now wanted to see more documents sent electronically.

The trust said it is currently exploring sending further patient clinical documentation electronically and is also hoping to extend the EDT project to GPs in neighbouring boroughs.

Ric Thompson, managing director of PCTI, said the project demonstrated interoperability and was ‘connecting all’ through the use of the Hub.

He added: “The solution enables the instant transfer of documents between care providers irrespective of the systems they use, which provides demonstrable benefits to healthcare communities, professionals and patients.”

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