7 July 2015 11:34

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JAC brings chemo system to UK

25 April 2012   Chris Thorne

JAC Computer Services has announced the addition of a Chemotherapy Management System to its medicines management portfolio.

The announcement follows the recent acquisition by JAC’s parent company, Mediware Information Systems, of assets from Cobbler ICT Services in The Netherlands in March.

The CMS is a web-based system for prescribing, scheduling and managing chemotherapy treatments.

JAC says it is suitable for all hospitals providing oncology services, including those that are not customers for its other products.

“The addition of CMS to the JAC portfolio gives us a unique ability to deliver a comprehensive medication management solution to the market,” said Robert Tysall-Blay, chief executive of JAC.

“The due diligence process included independent assessment by UK based experts in this field and comparisons to national specifications and it was unanimously concluded that CMS ‘ticked all the boxes’.”

JAC acquired the CMS product along with Cobbler’s existing employee, partner and client contracts in The Netherlands and Belgium.

JAC provides pharmacy stock control, e-prescribing and medicines administration as a single integrated system. The company says its products are used in more than half of all NHS trusts in England.


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