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Docman delivered to 50 Oxon practices

22 October 2010   Fiona Barr

Document management specialist PCTI has announced that its Docman software has been deployed to more than 50 GP practices in Oxfordshire.

The project was funded by NHS Oxfordshire and enabled the practices to receive Docman and PCTI’s Intellisense software. This uses OCR to provide intelligent patient matching, coding and filing.

Fifty two practices out of 80 in the county were involved in the project, which was delivered on time and to budget.

The practices are using GP software from EMIS, INPS or iSoft. Some have gone on to also install PCTI’s workflow module, iWorkflow, which was launched last month.

Ric Thompson, managing director of PCTI, said: “The project has been a real success and I am confident that all the practices will benefit from saving time, reducing their costs and improving data quality.

"Docman provides a demonstrable return on investment within the first few months following go live.”

Dr Marion Anscombe and partners at Donnington Health Centre in Oxford installed Docman and Intellisense in April, PCTI’s Electronic Document Transfer solution in August, and iWorkflow more recently.

Dave Mills, patient services and IT manager at the practice, said it had been overflowing with paperwork, with documents pouring in to the surgery and being passed from person to person.

He added: “Docman has completely transformed the way we deal with paperwork in the surgery.

"It has improved the efficiency of all our doctors and admin staff, allowing us to cope with more work without extra investment, which in the current economic climate has been a real benefit.”

Mills said the recent addition to iWorkflow had further speeded up how the practice deals with documents and reduced errors, helping the practice cope with its ever increasing workload.

Link: PCTI 

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