7 July 2015 14:09

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Sectra launches dose monitoring system

30 November 2012   Lyn Whitfield

Sectra has launched a solution for radiation dose monitoring at the Radiological Society of North America’s annual conference in Chicago.

The system is intended to reduce the risk of patients being exposed to unnecessarily high doses of radiation while undergoing examinations. The company says that by automating data collection it can also save valuable time.

“With Sectra DoseTrack we provide our customers with a well-tested solution that contributes to enhanced efficiency and increased patient safety,” said Marie Ekström, global business manager radiology IT.

“The solution is developed in close customer-vendor collaboration and has been used in the Skåne Region (10 hospitals in southern Sweden) for several years.”

Users of the system gather and compare radiation dose values from radiology examinations, so they can monitor trends determine where radiation doses can be reduced without impacting on diagnostic quality, and benchmark themselves against other sites.

The system also enables equipment to be monitored to detect when x-ray devices expose patients to too much radiation, and to follow-up individual patients.

Sectra DoseTrack supports the IHE Radation Exposure Monitoring profile and the DICOM MPPS standard, so that almost any modality can be connected to it.

Since 2008, Region Skåne has been using Sectra DoseTrack as a regional quality system for radiation doses to collate, store and analyze radiation-dose data from radiology examinations performed at some 100 radiology modalities.



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