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Amor Group builds for Golden Jubilee

1 February 2011   Lyn Whitfield

Golden Jubilee National Hospital in Clydebank has turned to Scottish company Amor Group for a single records system for cardiac, thoracic and cardiology patients.

The deal signals an expansion into clinical system for Amor Group, which describes itself as Scotland’s largest independent business technology solutions company, with 450 staff employed in offices across Britain and in Houston.

In the healthcare field, it already has experience in GP administration systems, practice and prescription management, drug treatment control and business analysis support.

Golden Jubilee National Hospital houses the West of Scotland Heart and Lung Centre, which receives referrals from across the country.

The new cardiac, thoracic and cardiology (eCTC) system will aim to ensure that the full patient journey, including appointments, operations, treatments and follow-up visits, is accurately recorded and consistently audited.

It will replace two existing systems for managing cardiac and cardiology patient services, and paper working in the thoracic department.

It will be securely accessible over the internet, and be integrated with the eReferrals system that is being rolled out by NHS Scotland.

The six month project will be led by a time from Amor Group’s headquarters at India of Inchinnan in Renfrewshire.

Alastair O’Brien, public sector business unit director, said in a statement: “This move into clinical systems is a natural progression, so we are delighted to be awarded the contract after a successful tendering process.

"As well as being user friendly and accurate, our system will capture the full patient journey in a timely manner, which will cut down on duplicatin and wasted resources.

"It will also ensure that the information gathered conforms to NHS regulations and statutory audit requirements."

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