2 July 2015 22:27


The successful delivery of care.data, NHS.uk and N4 “appears to be unachievable”, with all three major projects getting red lights, according to a report published by the government’s Major Projects Authority.
30 June 2015

NHS England has set up a ‘super CIC’ to act as a centre of excellence and attract funding for open source projects within health and social care.
25 June 2015

Choices rebranded as NHS.uk

17 June 2015

'Diagnostic cloud' for NW London

16 June 2015

West Midlands CCGs axe 111 procurement

12 June 2015

Dashboard tracks drug data across CCGs

5 June 2015

NHS testing outcomes dashboard - Hunt

4 June 2015

Cambridge University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust is three years on from signing its landmark deal with HP and Epic – and eight months on from going live with the electronic patient record. Thomas Meek reports.
2 July 2015

Neil Paul is not impressed with the government’s new deal for GPs. Thankfully, some people are working on better ideas for dealing with patient demand than just getting docs to work harder for no more money.
1 July 2015

Primary Care

Significant delays to the General Practice Extraction Service have seen costs rise from £14 million to £40 million - and design failures mean it is unlikely to have a long-term future, a National Audit Office report has said.
2 July 2015

The use of new technology will play an important part in achieving the £22 billion in efficiency savings that NHS services in England need to make in the next five years, according to the NHS England’s chief executive Simon Stevens.
1 July 2015

The Care Quality Commission has published plans for regulating and inspecting NHS 111 services, and released reports on three pilot inspections.
1 July 2015

Nominate your champion of 2015

6 May 2015

QR coded helmets to help in RTAs

6 May 2015

NME 180 trusts turning to SBS framework

5 May 2015

EHI News becomes Digital Health News

4 May 2015

Medical apps need CE mark - RCP

29 April 2015

Consortium saves £110m on EPR costs

27 April 2015

MDU advises GPs on patient access

23 April 2015

Parties clash on NHS funding and reform

22 April 2015

Healthwatch hosts comparison sites

21 April 2015

Accenture looks set to take over NHSmail

16 April 2015

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News in brief
Liverpool opts for MicroStrategy mobile business platform

Liverpool Community Health has opted for MicroStrategy's mobile business platform to give managers access to real-time information via an iPad app that is known locally as opera (organisational performance electronic reporting). Lesley Neary, head of planning and performance at the organisation, which serves Liverpool and Sefton, said it had picked this platform because it was "intuitive" and could be installed and implemented "fairly quickly" and "very simply."

2 April 2014

CSU deploys WAN in South London

South London Commissioning Support unit is using an Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise WLAN solution to deliver end-to-end wi-fi for hundreds of NHS users in Sussex. The solution supports 30,000 users in three acute trusts, one mental health trust, 260 GP surgeries and seven clinical commissioning groups, and is intended to enable healthcare workers to connect wirelessly from any healthcare building and their own homes via remote access points. New services supported by the network include teleconferencing and pop-up clinics.

2 April 2014

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