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Dorset plans £20m shared record scheme

Dorset is planning a shared care record scheme worth up to £20 million....

Published: 25 Nov 2015

NHS boost includes £1 billion for IT

Updated: The NHS in England is to have the 'Five Year Forward View' fully funded - and the government is to invest £1 billion in NHS...

Published: 24 Nov 2015

End of NPfIT drives change in MH systems

Eighteen community and mental health trusts in London and the South have switched electronic patient record systems following the end...

Published: 23 Nov 2015

FinIT: the end of NPfIT in London and the South

Cerner Millennium trusts had to be out of the BT data centre by the end of last month. With the exit of the final trust just two weeks...

Published: 19 Nov 2015

End of NPfIT in London and the South

The National Programme for IT has come to an end in London and the South with the exit of the final trust to deploy Cerner Millennium...

Published: 19 Nov 2015

Doubt cast on value of computerised CBT

Computer courses to treat depression are likely to be ineffective, according to research by the University of York that looked at their...

Published: 17 Nov 2015

North Bristol live with Lorenzo

North Bristol NHS Trust has become the first trust in the south of England to go live with the computer system Lorenzo....

Published: 16 Nov 2015

E-discharge: unmonitored target defended

The October target for all providers to send discharge letters electronically is not being monitored nationally, but has focused attention...

Published: 12 Nov 2015

IT system integration - Yorkshire

A portal pulling together information from various clinical IT systems is being implemented at South West Yorkshire Partnership NHS...

Published: 11 Nov 2015

Can the NHS bank on IT for productivity gains?

NHS England is bidding for billions of IT investment to improve NHS productivity. A McKinsey presentation shows that if it succeeds,...

Published: 10 Nov 2015
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