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Tom's digital health disruptors: rating apps

Services that allow users to rate NHS care have been around for longer than you might think; and there are new apps coming onto the...

Published: 29 Jul 2015

Power to the people: signs off

Paul Hodgkin, the former GP and founder of Patient Opinion, reflects on a non-Marxist, Marxian revolution in his last column for EHI....

Published: 14 Apr 2015

Cerner app on time for Apple Watch

Cerner has developed a personalised healthcare data app to use on the Apple Watch, hailing the device as "the next evolution" in healthcare....

Published: 10 Apr 2015

Power to the people: takes another bite of Apple

Many digital column inches were expanded on the launch of the Apple Watch last week. But Paul Hodgkin argues the development to watch...

Published: 18 Mar 2015

ICT service launches whistleblowing tool

Hertfordshire, Bedfordshire and Luton ICT Services has launched a feedback tool that it says provides a simple, anonymous solution...

Published: 27 Feb 2015

Power to the people on: whistleblowing in the 21st century

Paul Hodgkin says Sir Robert Francis’ report on whistleblowing is focused on corporate action; and in the age of social media, that...

Published: 17 Feb 2015

Power to the people on: Charlie Hebdo and the NHS

Paul Hodgkin wonders what the recent massacre of French cartoonists has to say to the NHS, and argues that thing is that it will need...

Published: 19 Jan 2015

Power to the people on: the great confidentiality face-off

Confidentiality can’t just be toggled on and off, because it goes to the heart of the doctor/patient relationship. Paul Hodgkin argues...

Published: 9 Dec 2014

Power to the people: Ebola - hacking social cohesion

Paul Hodgkin wonders about the role that modern, social media tools could play in communications about Ebola; particularly when it...

Published: 28 Oct 2014

Power to the people: on how technology is the architect of our intimacies

The technology that we use subtly embodies the values that lie behind what we are doing. Better get those right when it comes to big,...

Published: 30 Sep 2014
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