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FinIT: the end of NPfIT in London and the South

Cerner Millennium trusts had to be out of the BT data centre by the end of last month. With the exit of the final trust just two weeks...

Published: 19 Nov 2015

£600m in LPfIT costs post 2011

More than half of the estimated £1.2 billion cost of the London Programme for IT is being paid out after March 2011, six months after...

Published: 12 Sep 2013

£575m SPfIT benefits yet to be realised

The Southern Programme for IT will cost nearly £1 billion by the end of the programme, but had reaped just £27m in benefits by March...

Published: 27 Aug 2013

NPfIT to cost £10 billion

The final cost of the National Programme for IT in the NHS is expected to be more than £10 billion....

Published: 22 Aug 2013

Insider view: Jon Hoeksma

E-Health Insider editor Jon Hoeksma considers the latest ASCC developments in the south....

Published: 5 Aug 2010

Quiz of the Year

How did you do in our holiday quiz?...

Published: 5 Jan 2009

'Live Eight' with Fujitsu until mid-2009

NHS trusts in the South of England may find themselves reliant on Fujitsu to provide key systems a full year after the firm’s NHS contract...

Published: 16 Oct 2008
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