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Another view: of funding GP workload

A review of the funding formula for GPs may be on the way. Neil Paul has been pulling together data that suggests it must look at the...

Published: 9 Feb 2016

Joe’s view: Can the NHS bear to be special?

Joe McDonald is worried that “NHS special” technology services are coming at too high a development and financial cost to be sustainable....

Published: 26 Jan 2016

Another view: of federation and the IT to make it work

GP Neil Paul opens 2016 by considering some of the challenges of federation and finding the IT to support practices that want to achieve...

Published: 12 Jan 2016

Most read and commented, 2015

Digital Health News readers had a “what the flipping heck” moment in March, judging by the fact that ‘Emis and TPP sign data sharing...

Published: 29 Dec 2015

Joe’s view: The Internet of Things

Joe McDonald has found an elegant solution to the puzzle of how to let his mum’s kettle tell him she’s ok; and it could be an early...

Published: 21 Dec 2015

Another view: of progress (or otherwise)

Traditionally, Christmas is a time for making merry and laying big plans for the year ahead. GP Neil Paul prefers to look back over...

Published: 16 Dec 2015

Another view: returns to IT for GP federations

Neil Paul has been asked to advise an IT company on the changing face of general practice and its IT requirements. He has a lot of...

Published: 17 Nov 2015

Digital doctor to review NHS tech

Dr Robert Wachter, US celebrity author of 'The Digital Doctor', will lead a review into the digital future of the NHS, health secretary...

Published: 30 Oct 2015

Mobile and app round-up

This month’s round-up of apps and mobile developments includes a link-up between Philips and Amazon, new mobile tools for the NHS from...

Published: 30 Oct 2015

Joe’s view: of wearables

Thanks to his Apple Watch, Joe McDonald can sit on a yacht in Turkey and receive text messages from his mother’s kettle in Newcastle....

Published: 19 Oct 2015
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