•  8 November 2019
     12:30 - 13:30

In May 2019, Aasha Cowey and Di Bullman undertook an online survey with the health informatics community as part of the Building a Digital Ready Workforce Programme. The aim was to understand how we can improve recruitment, retention and progression by learning from the collective experiences of the workforce. While surveys exist to explore a point in time, and many anecdotal stories have been shared, we believe this was the first attempt to systematically explore individuals career paths at scale. 507 individuals completed the survey which explored contextual information, career pathway information, reflections and looking to the future. This included capturing over 600 unique job titles and exploring movements between roles. In this webinar, Aasha and Di will be presenting on the key findings and recommendations following this research.

Aasha Cowey, Programme Manager at South Central and West
Di Bullman, Senior Organisational Development & Learning Manager, Building a Digital Ready Workforce Programme




Building a Digital Ready Workforce Health Informatics Career Pathways Project 08 11 2019 from Katerina Loucka on Vimeo.