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Digital Health Special report: Pathology
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Digital pathology is being billed as the technology to do for pathology what digital imaging did for radiology. But does the business case stack up? And what are the technical benefits? Daloni Carlisle reports.


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GE Healthcare

Omnyx digital pathology solutions

Precision medicine is where people, data and technology get to work.


The Omnyx precision solution leverages the power of advanced digital pathology to create a workflow designed around the people touched by the care pathway; marrying the high-level vision of enhancing cancer care with practical integration.

Equipping pathologists, hospitals and care networks with next generation tools will help foster close collaboration among specialists. More importantly, it opens the door to transformative care for patients.

Discover how leading institutions in the UK are transforming pathology with the Omnyx precision solution.

Email: tim.wing@med.ge.com
Tel: +44 (0) 7785 375 822 (Tim Wing)
Web: GE Healthcare website
Web: www.omnyx.com


Integrated radiology and pathology leads to improved cancer diagnosis

The sharing of clinical information and images between radiology and pathology, also called integrated diagnostics, is frequently mentioned as an opportunity to improve cancer diagnosis. However, the realisation of increased collaboration between the disciplines has been slow, as pathology diagnosis has lagged in digitisation. This has made information hard to share in an efficient way.

Digital pathology has become more affordable and widely accepted within pathology in recent years.
This opens up opportunuties for increased collaboration between pathology and radiology, turning integrated diagnostics into a top priority on many hospitals’ management agendas.

Based on the pathologists’ experience, 20 years in the medical IT field, and having been a pioneer in the digitisation of radiology, Sectra has developed the concept of digital pathology.

Our next generation solution guarantees full case overview, including integration with other image systems. This enables access to, for example, radiology or dermatology data and images in the same workstation.

Email: Rebecca.mellor@sectra.co.uk
Tel: +44 (0) 1908 673 107 (Rebecca Mellor)
Web: Sectra website


Featured suppliers



Cirdan: a leading pathology imaging and LIS supplier

Cirdan designs, manufactures and supplies highly reliable, innovative software and imaging solutions for the acceleration and enhancement of diagnosis. Our systems are optimised for pathology and for clinical laboratory usage.

April 2016 marks the launch of the PathLite Compact gross imaging camera. Designed for when space is limited or locations are fixed, the PLC offers the same high performance and innovative features as its standalone predecessor in a <2kg package. Supplied with VividPath PACS, DICOM image acquisition and viewing software, the PLC is a versatile tool that fits seamlessly into laboratory workflows.

Other core products include Ultra LIS, our versatile laboratory information system. With a growing customer base in the NHS and worldwide, Ultra LIS streamlines laboratory operations. Multi-discipline, multi-facility, with proven high volume throughput, Ultra LIS provides an unparalleled level of integration, scalability and customisation.

Please visit our website for information on these and other Cirdan products.

Email: jmccaffrey@cirdan.com
Tel: +44 (0) 289 266 0880 (John McCaffrey)
Web: Cirdan website
Twitter: @cirdan_com
LinkedIn: cirdan-ltd
Facebook: CirdanCom


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