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Hunt back as health secretary
Weston retains Cerner until acquisition
Joe’s view: of online GPs flying EasyJet

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A week on from polling day, health secretary Jeremy Hunt is back at his desk in Richmond House, almost as if he’d never left it for the general election campaign. Almost.

In practice, a number of things are different. Labour is consumed by a leadership campaign that will surely distract it from any big changes to the NHS that the government may now decide to make under the cover of implementing Simon Stevens’ ‘Five Year Forward View.’

The Liberal Democrats have lost their ministers, including Norman Lamb, who showed a real interest in social care, integration, and mental health. And Hunt himself can no longer just identify the big problems facing the health service.

He must decide what to do about the immediate pressure on the hospital sector, how to stop the impending cuts to council services making the 5YFV even tougher, and what (if anything) to do about public health.

Then, there’s the unfinished ‘paperless’ agenda, the promise to give patients access to their records, and to sort out; preferably in a way that helps the NHS to address the other challenges on it. That doesn’t add up to a quiet life; for Hunt or anyone else.

Some quick reminders about things that are happening today (Friday, 15 May). Digital Health Intelligence is holding a a free webinar at 11.30 to show off some new features of the research service, there’s a CCIO best practice webinar an hour later to show off some new features of the research service and the final, final closing date for this year’s EHI Awards is 5pm.



Hunt back as health secretary

Jeremy Hunt is to remain health secretary following the Conservative Party’s victory in last week’s general election, and the formation of the first all-Conservative cabinet in 18 years.

BSI publishes apps development standard

The British Standards Institution has published a set of standards to support developers creating health and wellness apps.

Weston retains Cerner until acquisition

Weston Area Health NHS Trust has signed a £3.2 million deal to continue using Cerner Millennium until the trust's "imminent" acquisition by Taunton and Somerset NHS Foundation Trust.

Kent babies are 'born to move'

Kent Community Health NHS Foundation Trust has launched a mobile app to help parents of newborn babies and young children.

Lancashire uses digital sleep aid

Lancashire Care NHS Foundation Trust is giving patients access to an app to help people with sleeping problems.

Delay to 700,000 patient opt-outs

The Health and Social Care Information Centre is “extremely concerned” that 700,000 patient objections to having their identifiable data shared have yet to be enacted more than a year on from being registered with a GP.



The Daily Mail was clearly struggling when it found itself having to report on the opening of Glasgow’s ‘super hospital’, with its single bedded rooms, children’s cinema, helicopter pad, and service robots. After all, the whole thing is not only run by the NHS but paid for by taxpayers, which is just contrary to the paper’s view of the rightness of life.

Cue much snitting about the Barnett formula delivering unfair amounts of funding to Scotland, and the inclusion of approving quotes from UKIP about the profligacy of Holyrood. Also cue, a few days later, a gloating follow-up claiming that locals have dubbed the complex “the death star” and keep getting stuck in the lifts. The lifts have buttons on the outside, rather than the inside, it seems, and this has confused people. Oh well.




Joe’s view: of online GPs flying EasyJet

On a recent trip to London, Joe McDonald found himself using the DrThom website; and realised it works on the EasyJet model that he’s previously advocated for the NHS. Unfortunately, he’s not convinced the NHS will be able to adopt it.

Another view: of IT for GP federations

Neil Paul wrote about the pressures on GP practices to federate in his last column, and promised he’d be back this month to discuss more of the IT challenges involved. Here goes…


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“Nothing says stability like not knowing how you are going to plug the gaping hole in your finances!”

Story: Hunt back as health secretary


Quote of the week


“I look forward to working with our brilliant frontline professionals to truly make our NHS the safest and most caring healthcare system in the world.”

Health secretary Jeremy Hunt returns to his desk after the Conservatives win a majority in the general election.


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