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Experiences of current Advisory Panel members 

CCIO Networks chair Dr James Reed on why you should get involved

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“I feel part of a community that has a collective voice that is being listened to. It’s been a whole new experience for me. It has increased my network, knowledge and my ability to influence locally, regionally and nationally. It has also given me a safe place to share thoughts, frustrations as well help create and develop ideas that can really make a difference to the digital community.” 

 Mandy Griffin, Managing Director – Digital Health, The Health Informatics Service and Vice Chair of the CIO advisory panel. 

“If you want to be a part of the future of the profession that this is a part of the foundation. If you want to have a voice in national digital policy, and to represent the views of others then we need active participants. If you value the concept of an independent group that can speak truth to power then this is for you.” 

Adrian Byrne, CIO of University Hospital Southampton and chair of the CIO Network 

“I’ve really enjoyed being the Chair of the CNIO group. I feel that I’ve been given a great opportunity to support the ‘voice’ of the CNIO community, and this has also given me a great opportunity to be part of the link between colleagues working in local organisations into national teams and the wider community.” 

Jo Dickson, Chair of CNIO Network 

“Make yourself part of a strong, vibrant network. I'd encourage people to 'actively' join - in other words to network and learn, and benefit from the strength of the network but also to contribute in an active way through content and encouraging others to join.”

Lisa Emery, CHCIO FBCS, Chief Information Officer, The Royal Marsden NHS Foundation Trust 

“Once I got involved in the advisory panel I found it to be really friendly and welcoming and very enlightening, in terms of understanding how the CCIO, CIO and CNIO/AHP networks function, and the interplay between them and the other nascent communities that have developed in the Digital Health Networks.” 

Marcus Baw, locum GP and Emergency Physician, Yorkshire 

Nominations are now open for 12 members of CCIO, CIO, CNIO Leaders Networks to join the Advisory Panels

The Digital Health Network elections are here, with nominations now open for election to the Advisory Panels for the CCIO, CIO, CNIO Networks. The three advisory panels are directly voted for by members of the Networks, they set direction for the Networks and provide an independent nationally elected voice for local NHS digital leaders.

Each advisory panel has 12 elected members serving two-year terms. They meet virtually once a month and in-person twice a year.

Standing for election is a great way to help shape the digital future of the NHS, collaborate and network with your peers nationally. Nominations run until 24 May, with online hustings and elections taking place in June and winners announced at Summer School in July.

For the CIO Advisory Panel, apply here.

For the CCIO Advisory Panel, apply here.

For the CNIO Advisory Panel, apply here.

Nominations for the CIO APNominations for the CCIO APNominations for the CNIO AP