Health CIO Network Elections

Those running for election include: Catherine Dampney, Adrian Byrne, Andy Kinnear, Luke Readman, Shauna McMahon, David Walliker, Graham King, Philip Graham, James Walker, Lee Rickles, Lisa Emery, Mandy Griffin, Nick Hopkinson, Paul Charnley, Steve Gray, Aasha Cowey and Mike Cavaye.

Catherine Dampney, Director of BI Innovation & Transformation (Interim), NHS South, Central and West CSU

I’d like to expand our ability to drive out the benefits of integrated data across organisations beyond the Accountable Care Systems we support in the south and drive innovation at a national level. At the moment I have to bring together health data and some social care data for 12m people, a well kept secret in the NHS but we do have ‘Big Data’.
The CIO Advisory Panel is a powerful force for good and I’d like to make sure we have a voice for Primary Care and those organisations that share and integrate data which we specialize in working with.

Adrian Byrne, CIO, University Hospital Southampton NHS FT

For 15 years, Ade has pursued a strategy for electronic patient records through integration and evolution. He is currently chair of the Health CIO Network and a member of the INTEROPen board, NHS electronic referral advisory board and KLAS advisory board. Ade is very interested in direct patient to secondary care interaction via secure web and messaging, and has developed a platform at UHS, My Medical Record, used by a number of NHS organizations.

Andy Kinnear, CIO, South, Central and West CSU

Andy Kinnear is an experienced Chief Information Officer (CIO) in his 26th year with the NHS. He has a successful track record of delivering information & technology strategy and solutions and a wholehearted commitment to improving the health and care system. Andy has an esteemed collection job roles including Director of Digital Transformation for SCW CSU, Programme Director of Connecting Care, Chair of the BCS Health & Care Executive and Local Delivery Advisor to NHS Digital.

Luke Readman, CIO, East London Health and Care Partnership

We live and work in a very fluid world with many challenges. Despite this the opportunity for improvement in care delivered through informatics has never been greater. We must somehow cut confusion, embrace the pragmatic but more than ever be prepared to risk new approaches. Whist technology has to work well and develop quickly, the real issue is ‘those darn humans’. The CIO panel has a formidable reputation, so I take this step with some trepidation whilst knowing that the CIO community has risen to very many challenges thus far and will do so in the future.

Shauna McMahon, Partner-Digital Transformation Consulting at NHS South, Central and West CSU

It has been a very interesting year to serve on the advisory panel. It is inspiring to sit along side such dedicated professionals that are always striving to improve. I would like to continue to represent the profession on the Panel and be a champion for digital health professionals. I am also a strong advocate for bringing the citizens as a partner in their health and wellness and digital healthcare environment. I have over 18 years in health care most of those in Canada. I am so proud to now be able to add the UK experience as CIO.

David Walliker, CIO at Royal Liverpool and Broadgreen Hospitals Trust

Much like the never ending procession of Tory Leadership Candidates I would like to put myself forward for the network. I don’t promise anything but dry northern charm and a Paddington stare at policy announcements when required but the time is for collaboration, let’s get on and finish what we’ve started.

Graham King, CIO, Newcastle University Teaching Hospitals 

Hi, I would welcome the chance to be part of the Advisory Panel. As CIO for Newcastle and building the Great North Care Record, I would look to share and exchange experience, ideas and influence the Digital Agenda; especially concerning what is delivered centrally and what should be delivered locally/regionally.

Looked in the mirror, no fresh face visible but have some ideas!

Philip Graham, CIO, Lancashire and South Cumbria

Philip Graham is the Digital Programme Lead at Lancashire and South Cumbria STP and has been in this post on secondment since June 2017. Previously Philip was the Health Informatics Programme Director at Blackpool Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust. Philip has held senior posts throughout Digital Health, including CIO equivalent, for over 15 years and has also managed an operational Division of the Blackpool Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust as an Associate Director of Operations.

James Walker

I would like to throw my hat in the ring as a ‘fresh faced’ advisory panel member, acting as a cross over between the baby boomers and the millennials. I think we need to tie into the NHS X Review, look at the split between what is delivered locally/regionally/nationally, how we build partnerships between providers and suppliers to escalate the delivery of digital agendas.

Lee Rickles, Programme Director and CIO, Humber Teaching NHS FT

I would like to stand for the CIO Advisory Panel.

I have a passion for improving the quality of patient care using Digital Technology, but focusing on the ‘patient care’ rather than just the tech.  I have a good rounded knowledge of Health systems and the wider the digital suite.  I managed to pull the Yorkshire & Humber team together so we could jointly deliver the winning LHCRE bid and to continue that development with the regional CEO to create a region wide Digital Care Board. 

Lisa Emery, CIO, Royal Marsden NHS Foundation Trust

Lisa worked in the NHS for 12 years as a biomedical scientist, starting her career at Watford General in 1989 before moving to University College Hospital London. Outside of the NHS, Lisa has been a programme manager and director working on large healthcare programmes in the UK and the Middle East and several. She also worked with BT/Perot on the National Programme for IT in London, leading first of type deployments.

Mandy Griffin, Managing Director – Digital Health – The Health Informatics Service, Calderdale and Huddersfield NHS Foundation Trust

I joined the NHS 10 years ago following a successful career in the private sector. I was an assistant director in Informatics for 5 years and was then appointed CIO ( Managing director – Digital Health) of Calderdale and Huddersfield foundation Trust. I am part of the Executive team reporting to the CEO, responsible for the Digital strategy for the trust and running The Health Informatics Service (THIS), that is currently hosted by CHFT and one of the largest NHS support services in England.

Nick Hopkinson, CIO, Devon Partnership NHS FT

As a member of the panel I am a regular attender and contributor to the monthly webexs and summer schools. We are taking great steps to professionalise our sector and bring on the next generation of leaders (I am a mentor on the BCS scheme) but I would also like to see us curate a wider community of health informatics professionals at all levels.
Having spent most of my career in Mental Health I have recently taken on the CIO role for 2 CCGs.

Paul Charnley, Director of IT and Information, The Wirral Teaching Hospital NHS FT

I would like to be considered for the advisory board given I started in the field in 1980 when I left university so I have seen how things have changed in the last 39 years (and how some things haven’t). I have worked in lots of different settings and with all sorts of colleagues  in the UK and the Middle East. I am CIO at a GDE and co-Chair of the Blueprinting Committee so I am always looking for ideas to try and to share with others. I would be happy to serve.

Steve Gray, CIO, University Hospitals Bristol

Hello all. I’ve spent many years benefiting and drawing from the efforts of colleagues working on this panel.
The advisory panel has an important role to play in helping to represent the needs of the network memberships and act as a focal point for engagement and influence of national ALBs and suppliers, to stimulate innovation and debate that we can’t achieve within our own local bubbles, and give us a community that helps us learn from each other—because we don’t really have to do it all on our own.

Aasha Cowey, Programme Manager, South, Central and West CSU

Hello, my name is Aasha and I’m a Programme Manager at South Central and West Commissioning Support Unit. I’ve worked for the NHS for ten years and have been in data/digital roles since 2012.

I’d like to put myself forward to provide a different perspective- as someone relatively new in their career. I have thrown myself into trying to make career pathways better for those at the start of their careers having completed the health informatics national graduate scheme in 2013 and feeling very unclear about what I could and should be doing.

Mike Cavaye, Deputy CIO & Associate Director of Digital, Surrey and Borders Partnership NHS FT

I am honoured to be nominated by my colleagues to be part of the advisory panel. I will be looking to bring my experiences across Acute, Community, Learning Disabilities, Mental Health and integrated care settings to the networks.
Whilst from a technology background I have always been focused not just on technology transformation but wider service transformation; pushing the breaking of the historical reality of one being done without the other. This manifests itself in a key drive to establish people-centred design thinking into practice across the NHS bringing together multidisciplinary expertise of all levels, bursting the silos and hierarchies that have defined previous approaches.

Andrew Raynes, CIO, Royal Papworth Hospital

Good Evening members of the group, I would like to be considered for election to the advisory board. The landscape for digital transformation, although challenging, offers many exciting opportunities for innovation and development. Sometimes during the toughest times the best innovations are made which make a real difference to patient care and outcomes.
I am the CIO at Royal Papworth Hospital and share experiences in common with you including 20 years in health, social and offender care, working as a consultant with international experience. I am an educationalist and Fellow of the BCS and a member of the GS1 National Health Advisory Board. I have also recently taken on the role as chair of the Cambridge and Peterborough STP Digital Enabling Group.


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