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Forward features list

Shared Care Records                            13th January
Virtual Care                                             10th February     
Imaging AI                                               24th February
Mental Health                                         17th March
Remote Patient Monitoring                  14th April
Document Management                       12th May
AI & Data                                                  9th June
Enterprise Imaging                                 23rd  June
Medicines Management                        14th July

Cloud First                                                8th September    
Healthcare Apps                                     22nd September   
Observations and Vital Signs                13th October        
Data Security                                           27th October      
Interoperability                                      10th November
Integrated Care                                       1st 

Scroll down for synopsis of each special report


Shared care records  13th January

The integration of health and social care to support joined up patient pathways requires shared records which are often underpinned by technology. In this Digital Health special report, we will look in depth at the health and care bodies that are pioneering the use of medical record sharing.  


Virtual Care  10th February

Virtual care is a broad term that encompasses all the ways healthcare providers remotely interact with their patients, this could be through live video, audio or instant messaging. With the Covid-19 pandemic encouraging patients to seek other ways of reaching GPs and doctors, this Digital Health special report will look into the impact coronavirus has had on the uptake of virtual care tools.   

Imaging AI  24th February

Diagnostic imaging is regarded as one of the most promising uses of AI in a clinical setting. With growing attention being directed at establishing and fine-tuning such technology, this Digital Health special report will delve into what the benefits are for AI in imaging.   


Mental Health   17th February  

With the last year seeing in-person contact being heavily discouraged, many parts of the health system have had to move completely virtual, including mental health. This Digital Health special report will look into how the delivery of mental health care has changed following the Covid-19 pandemic.     


Remote Patient Monitoring  14th April 

Remote patient monitoring is a method of healthcare delivery that uses technology to gather patient data outside of traditional healthcare settings. This Digital Health special report will delve into whether events such as the coronavirus pandemic has changed attitudes towards remote monitoring tools.   


Document management  12th May   

As the NHS works towards a more paper-free environment, the business case to implement an electronic document management system appears to be gaining strength. This Digital Health special report will explore what the latest developments have been over the last year.   


AI and data  9th June

As more data is collected electronically within the NHS, the opportunities for analysis of that information multiply. One way in which data can be quickly analysed is through the use of artificial intelligence. This Digital Health special report will look into what progress has been made when it comes to AI and data analysis in healthcare.   

Enterprise imaging  23rd June 

Imaging has been at the forefront of digital adoption within healthcare. PACS and RIS have been well established in the market, with more imaging modalities being added all the time. This Digital Health special report will explore the current and future context.   


Medicines Management 14th July   

Electronic systems are being introduced to help improve the quality, safety and effectiveness of medication management within hospitals. This includes providing support for doctors, nurses and pharmacists to digitally prescribe, order, check, reconcile, dispense and record the administration of medicines. This Digital Health special report will explore whether the usage of medicines management technology has increased in the last year.   


Cloud First 8th September    

Having a cloud first approach is often billed as one which can have enormous benefits for healthcare. However, barriers such as cost and concerns around security often prevent some organisations from introducing a cloud first approach. This Digital Health special report will explore what needs to be done to get more organisations to adopt cloud technologies.   

Healthcare Apps  22nd September  

The last decade has seen the rise of healthcare apps – ranging from fitness trackers to ones which can monitor blood pressure. This Digital Health special report will explore the impact this surge has had on patients – especially when it comes to access to healthcare.  


Observation and Vital Signs  13th  October 

Electronic observations and vital signs can make huge improvements to patient safety. With Covid-19 resulting in many clinicians having to limit time on high-risk wards, this Digital Health special report will explore whether this has led to an uptake in the use of such technology.   

Data Security  27th October   

With remote working soaring in 2020, more attention has been given to data security and healthcare is no different. This Digital Health special report will examine how technology has helped healthcare organsations strengthen their data security processes.   


Interoperability  10th November  

With interoperability constantly being listed as a high priority in NHS IT Leadership Surveys, this Digital Health special report will explore what progress was made during 2021 with regards to joining up parts of the healthcare system.   


Integrated Care  1st December 

Our final special report of 2021 will be focused on all things integrated care – a principle which aims to provide improved patient care through better coordination of services. With an accelerating emphasis on Integrated Care Systems (ICSs) and digital and data listed as one way to drive them, this Digital Health special report will explore what the current situation is and what lies ahead.

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