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Forward features list

Shared Care Records                            19th January
Virtual Care                                             16th February     
Mental Health                                         16th March
Integrated Care                                      13th April
Document Management                       18th May
AI & Data                                                  8th June
                                                   16th  June
Data Security                                           13th July

Cloud First                                               14th September   
Medicines Management                        12nd October        
Interoperability                                       16th November
Remote Monitoring                                7th 

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Shared care records  19th January

 The sharing of health records can help contribute towards improvements in individual care, speed up diagnosis and help towards the planning of local services. Now that many of the trailblazing Local Health and Care Record Exemplars (LHCREs) have been absorbed into Integrated Care Systems (ICSs), this Digital Health special report will explore what are the next steps for regional shared care records.   


Virtual Care  16th February

Virtual care is a broad term that encompasses all the ways healthcare providers remotely interact with their patients, this could be through live video, audio or instant messaging. As we approach two years since England went into its first Covid-19 lockdown, this Digital Health special report will look into how NHS organisations have adapted to providing a hybrid of in-person and virtual care.


Mental Health   16th March

Digital products and services to support mental health are expected to increase over the next few years, but national policy on the matter appears to be lacking. This Digital Health special report will look into whether this lack of policy could impact digital mental health services.  


Integrated Care  13th April 

Now that all parts of England are covered by an Integrated Care System (ICS), this Digital Health special report will look into how digital can be used to share information across regions. 


Document management  18th May   

The benefits of having an electronic document management system are traditionally seen as helping to free up vital space in hospitals. However, trusts are also looking at other ways to make the most of having an electronic system, including research capabilities. This Digital Health special report will determine whether the role of document management across health organisations has evolved.  


AI and data  8th June

The Covid-19 pandemic has helped shine a light on the power of data in healthcare and this can be heightened with the use of Artificial Intelligence. Over the last few years, the NHS AI Lab has dished out millions of pounds to AI projects as part of the £140million AI in Health and Care Award. This Digital Health special report will look into what impact this funding has had on the use of AI and data in healthcare.  

Imaging  16th June 

A recent report by the Parliamentary and Health Service Ombudsman called for the government to prioritse digital reporting capabilities across imaging in the NHS. This Digital Health special report will look into what this could mean for imaging in healthcare.  


Data Security 13th July   

As many healthcare organisations continue having a hybrid model of remote and in-person working, the need to have the correct data security processes in place has never been greater. This Digital Health special report will look into how healthcare organisations are working to ensure that patient and staff data is secure. 


Cloud First 14th September    

There has been a lot of buzz around Cloud over the last years as many predict it could bring benefits to healthcare but uptake seems slow. This Digital Health special report will explore why this is the case and can be done to improve cloud uptake.  


Medicines Management  12th October 

An electronic medicines management system can bring a number of benefits including improved patient safety and less error. This Digital Health special report will look into where the sector is at when it comes to the technology and what lies ahead. 


Interoperability  16th November  

The recent “Data Saves Lives” strategy included a commitment to have integrated care systems which are “interoperable by default”. While progress with interoperability has been slow, this Digital Health special report will explore whether recent national headlines about it has had an impact. 


Remote Monitoring  7th December  

The Covid-19 pandemic has seen many patients managing long-term conditions and submitting data from home. National projects, led by NHSX, have seen 78,000 patients across England being given access to remote monitoring technologies. This Digital Health special report will explore whether this upward trend is set to continue in 2022.

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