We spoke with Adrian Byrne, Director of Informatics at UHS about their clinical electronic patient record (EPR) implementation. UHS has chosen a clinical EPR solution that combines the MetaVision systems for ICU, HDU, theatres and ward observations, providing one hospital-wide clinical record across the patient journey.

  1. Some hospitals have opted for a single, comprehensive EPR system, rather than combining a number of systems to achieve the same result. Why did you choose the latter option for UHS?

We satisfied the requirements for the functionality we needed at different points in time. At each juncture we looked at our options and decided not to throw out what we already have and buy something huge.

The larger systems have been around for long time – if we went that route we’d be waiting for the next generation of technology. The agility of smaller vendors was compelling for us, as they adopt more advanced technologies faster.

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