Accenture Health, together with analysis and advisory company Oxford Analytica, spoke to CIOs in seven countries (including the UK) to understand their priorities and gather their views on the future of digital healthcare leaders.

The survey is based on three hypotheses that it attempted to prove or disprove.

These hypotheses are: 1) CIOs need to transform their organisations to meet consumers’ growing demands, and to leverage digital technology to lower operational costs, 2) CIOs need to get stakeholders, and especially doctors, on board for digital health and, 3) CIOs need to take on a new role, adopt new skills and get resources to lead a successful digital health transformation.

The three main conclusions which emerge from the survey are that, CIOs focus on their organisations more than on consumers, some CIOs have a clinical focus; others do not and CIOs can be classified as either ‘Operational’ or ‘Executive’ CIOs.

To summarise briefly, CIOs have to take on a number of different roles such as innovators and business leaders if they are to lead successful digital transformation.

Read the full survey here

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