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Medicines Platform: The next step in your journey to safer, more efficient, more integrated care


Many organisations and regions are now reaching a good level of maturity with their integrated digital care record programmes. This presents the opportunity to start building on these foundations by adding further capabilities poised at improving the safety and efficiency of care.

One area with huge potential is medicines management. A 2018 study from the University of Manchester estimated that 237 million medication errors occur in the NHS in England every year and stated avoidable adverse drug reactions cause hundreds of deaths. This reinforces findings from previous research studies around the world.

Information on medications often resides in multiple different organisations and systems across a health and care landscape. This disparate approach can be a barrier to effective clinical decision making, where it is not straightforward to establish all the medications a patient is taking and communicate this to care providers as they move around the system.

By implementing a Medicines Platform you can ensure that there is an authoritative medication record for every patient. Prescription orders, dispensing information, details of drug administration and reconciled lists can all be presented in a simple view.

Find out more about how a focus on medicines management could drive safety and efficiency in your organisation or region.

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