At the start of the second wave of the Covid-19 pandemic and as part of their preparation for Winter 2020, Healthy Wirral Partners utilised data science to identify the risk factors contributing to admission from seasonal flu.

Analysis carried out using Cerner’s HealthIntent platform, identified that those with learning difficulties were more than six times more likely to end up in hospital with flu in 2020, compared to the population as a whole.

Therefore, Healthy Wirral Partners could reach out and target these at-risk individuals and encourage as many as possible to get the flu vaccine and help reduce their chances of being ill. This resulted in 92% of those targeted receiving their flu vaccine.

This case study explores how Healthy Wirral Partners used the HealthIntent platform to quantify the risk and reach out to as many people as people. This meant that the organisation could help support residents to live healthier and happier lives though data science and analytically evidenced insight.

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