• 14 October 2020
    12:30 - 13:30

Passwords have been used with computer systems since the sixties and they’ve been guessed, stolen and misused and ever since. Threat actors, from cyber-criminals to nation states, compromise more systems by using stolen credentials than they do using any other method. And it’s no surprise. Using a valid password often gives direct access to the digital goods they are after and rarely triggers any alerts. The era of the password must surely be coming to an end. In this webinar we will try to uncover why so many of us chose insecure passwords and why we may not be to blame after all. We will provide recommendations for how to choose better passwords and how to strengthen authentication to all of your on-prem and cloud based apps.

  1. Find out what the most commons passwords are of all time and how we can use these to protect our users and our data
  2. Understand why we continually chose weak passwords and why we might not be to blame
  3. Learn which password selecting tips work, and which ones don’t
  4. Discover new solutions for improving authentications for all of your apps

Jon Hoeksma, CEO, Digital Health


  • Richard Harvey, Solutions Engineer, F5 Networks
  • David Warburton, Senior Threat Research Evangelist EMEA, F5
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