• 9 February 2022
    12:30 - 13:30

How has North Staffordshire Combined Healthcare NHS Trust enabled patients and carers access Mental Health resources faster?

Mental Health is now recognised as an important priority on the political plan, with the expectation 90% of mental health referrals starting treatment in 18 weeks. With the additional impact of the COVID 19 pandemic, the demand on Mental Health Services is unprecedented. The pressures include an increase in children’s mental health disorders, the rise in people experiencing living poverty and those experiencing existing mental health problems.

Therefore, it has been widely recognised the need to help service users access services as quickly as possible. In turn, early intervention positively impacts on patient’s physical health, families, careers, and communities.

With the notion of long-term funding, set out in The NHS Long Term Plan, Mental Health services are better positioned to commit resources to long term improvements.

Why tune in?
The audience will discover key digital initiatives North Staffordshire Combined Healthcare NHS Trust have taken to enable service users and mental health workers faster access to services and to get them to the right place at the right time. Topics include:
* CAMHS- Providing digital access to Information, service signposting and referrals into the trust.
* Changing Models of Care
Who should tune in?
Anyone with interest in digital transformation: CIO/ CCIO,
Digital Transformation Strategy Directors or leads, CTOs, CNIO with a CAHMs focus, Digital PMO, focusing on CAHMs services, Deputy and Chief Operating Officers, wanting to minimise CAMHs referral waiting times, CAHMs General Managers or Clinical Lead Nurses / Chief Nurses.

Dave Hewitt
CIO – North Staffordshire Combined Healthcare NHS Trust

Julia Ford
Digital Clinical Lead – North Staffordshire Combined Healthcare NHS Trust

Lesley Birkin
Head of Digital Transformation – North Staffordshire Combined Healthcare NHS Trust

Bridget Millwood
Healthcare Delivery Project Manager- Dedalus UK

James Smith
Mental Health Implementation Specialist – Dedalus UK

Iain Lecky
Mental Health Digital Lead- Dedalus UK

Hannah Crouch
Editor – Digital Health