•  25 May 2022
     12:30 - 13:30

This webinar will report on a national survey into the data learning and development needs of occupational therapists. The survey was designed to better understand how skilled occupational therapists feel using electronic health and care record (EHCR) systems to support independence as well as how confident they feel using data at different points in their career and in different roles and contexts.

The survey identified that occupational therapists have to use multiple systems to carry out occupational therapy provision e.g. equipment provision, housing adaptations, telecare and sharing information with third sector organisations. Not only does this impact on efficient use of therapy time, but occupational therapy data sits in different systems and impacts on the professions ability to capture meaningful outcomes.

This session will draw on occupational therapy service examples to illustrate how changes to the functionality of systems and processes could lead to better outcomes for people in the community.

Who should tune in?
Electronic system providers, commissioners, allied health professionals, assistive equipment providers.

Suzy EnglandSuzy England
Professional Adviser in Health Informatics
Royal College of Occupational Therapists




Sindhu VazhappulliSindhu Vazhappulli
Clinical Lead / Mental Health Practitioner (OT)
Surrey and Borders Partnership NHS Foundation Trust




Dr Nilesh BharakhadaDr Nilesh Bharakhada
Clinical Director




Colette LaneColette Lane
Lead Recovery Coach with PICT
Surrey and Borders Partnership NHS Foundation Trust







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