•  6 December 2019
     12:30 - 13:30

Meeting the fluid needs of a changing population will require an increasing use of technology and innovation in the NHS. In this webinar, Accenture speakers Chris Gibbons and Guy Player, alongside a health-tech start-up will unlock some of the secrets to successful NHS innovation and collaboration with start-ups.

The webinar will explore the current start-up landscape in UK healthcare, with particular attention to how established organisations can support and benefit from the services provided by the start-up community. They will discuss how Accenture supports the UK GovTech sector and explore how CIOs can plug into the thriving UK start-up ecosystem. Remember, you don’t need to go it alone. In fact, finding the right ecosystem partners could make the difference between success and failure, and this webinar promises to explore this and other secrets of start-up success in the NHS.


Chris Gibbons, Accenture UKI Health & Public Service
Guy Player, Accenture UKI Health & Public Service

Chiara Carlini – PUBLIC

James Kellerman – CTO Forward Health
Barney Gilbert – CEO Forward Health