• 19 October 2018
    12:30 - 13:30

4 ways South Eastern Health Trust improves care team communication

Making the flow of patient care easier and more efficient for nurses and consultants within Health Trust hospitals is a challenge for Information Technology (IT) leaders across the United Kingdom.

With many different departments and varied care delivery needs, creating the right infrastructure for efficient communication can feel like connecting the pieces of a puzzle.

Join Mark Kendall and Jenny McMahon to find out how South Eastern Health Trust has become a model for efficient communication within the Health Trust environment.

In this webinar, learn how South Eastern Health Trust:

● Made it easy for nurses to share information while covering more single rooms
● Sped up the pharmacy request and fulfillment process through more efficient communication
● Enabled more rapid response to an emergency such as cardiac arrest or a stroke
● Made patient flow through the Emergency Department (A&E) more efficient and easier to manage

Mark Kendall, Telecommunications Manager, South Eastern Health and Social Care Trust

Jenny McMahon, Lead Nurse Surgical Directorate, South Eastern Health and Social Care Trust

David McKee, Emergency Department Pharmacy Technician, South Eastern Health and Social Care Trust

Moderator: Steve Matarelli, PhD, RN, Senior Clinical Executive, Vocera Communications Ltd



4 Ways South Eastern Health Trust Improves Care Team Communication-20181019 1122-1 from Katerina Loucka on Vimeo.