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Webinar: Webinar: Where will NHS IT national and local spend be focused up to 2022?

  •  25 May 2018
     12:30 PM - 1:30 PM

    In association with

    Market Forecast 2016-22 Webinar
    •  25 May 2018
       12:30 PM - 1:30 PM

    Join the webinar on 25 May for an exclusive preview of the Digital Health Intelligence NHS IT Market Forecast 2016-22. The webinar is only open to Gold and Platinum subscribers to Intelligence.

    The Market Forecast shows that the UK health IT market will continue to grow to unprecedented levels in the next four years. But competition for available spend will increase and there will be significant shifts in where investment is focused.

    Join us to find out:

    • Which market and technology areas will see the highest growth over the next four years
    • Where the biggest opportunities for suppliers will be
    • What shifts are taking place in how the £4.2 billion national investment is being spent
    • Current and future spend in England and the devolved nations, and for key market segments: software, staff, services, hardware and communications.

    Tara Athanasiou, Director of Research and Networks
    Suzanne Armengol, Intelligence Manager


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