Western Sussex Hospitals NHS Trust was facing a challenge with its IT support service: namely low levels of satisfaction with the quality of the support provided, and a concern that a failure to speedily resolve IT issues could impact on patient care. A decision was therefore taken to bring the service in house, and to use the cloud-based IT service management software Freshservice.

Following implementation of the new setup, customer satisfaction with IT support has reached 93.7%. End users are now only waiting an average of 20 seconds for an agent to pick up their ticket, compared to 15 minutes with the old system. That does not only represent quicker access to support: it also means problems are being resolved more speedily. In addition, self-service usage has risen from 10% before the implementation of Freshservice to 34% after.

Ian Arbuthnot, IT director at Western Sussex Hospitals, comments: “Immediately the organisation suddenly found it had a functioning helpdesk that met its needs, revolved around their priorities and ensured that every contact was a positive one. This project was the model of how all IT projects should be run – choosing the right product and partner was central to that success.”

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