When IT leaders hear the words ‘learning’ and ‘training’, they may think they are hearing about something that does not affect them. However, learning and training are critical to the effective deployment and adoption of electronic patient records and other major IT systems.

ANCILE Solutions has just launched its content creation and in-app learning tool, uPerform, into the UK health sector, to support NHS organisations that want to optimise their investment in IT.

EMEA sales director, Jonathan Pascall, explains how uPerform can help chief information officers and their clinical colleagues with some of the biggest projects that they will ever handle; and with the ongoing challenge of keeping staff up to date with upgrades and onboarding new users.

The payoff for health IT leaders is that uPerform can help to reinforce what is learned in the classroom, and constantly remind staff of the best and most efficient way of using systems day to day. Trusts can’t have floor walkers out there, 24/7 forever. uPerform’s lean learning approach may be the next best thing.

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