Covid-19 has created an extraordinary situation where many healthcare staff have found themselves working in an unfamiliar setting and treating an unknown disease.

In a rapidly changing environment, doctors, nurses and pharmacists have turned to clinical decision support (CDS) tools such as UpToDate to help them make decisions based on the latest evidence and recommendations from experts across the globe.

According to Rochelle Morris, Senior International Product Strategy Director at Wolters Kluwer, one of the strengths of a CDS solution like UpToDate is that it provides guidance when clinicians need to make critical patient decisions, but evidence is lacking or changing very quickly.

“Busy NHS clinicians working under pressure have found that UpToDate is an invaluable tool to have on hand while they are treating patients. They know the content is continually updated by experts who are themselves practising clinicians and understand the need for reliable and accurate information.” says Morris.

Away from the Covid-19 wards there is now a concerted effort to maintain core NHS services, albeit with new ways of working. The transition to virtual consultations, for example, has been enabled by CDS tools, which can help to improve patient engagement and increase efficiency, as well as support clinical decision making.

As we progress through the second wave of the pandemic, CDS tools still have much to offer. Over the last 11 months the UpToDate team has continued to gather new evidence and build free-to-access Covid-19 resources that help clinicians treat patients at every stage of the disease and recovery, and ensure the best possible outcomes.

To date, this team has delivered 42 Covid-19 topics and 581 topic updates using content from Wolters Kluwer solutions UpToDate, Lexicomp and Emmi. The content has attracted over 12 million views worldwide.

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