•  7 May 2020
     12:30 - 13:30

Join us for our latest webinar which is dedicated to sharing ideas and approaches on using digital tools to help respond to the unprecedented public health emergency posed by Coronavirus.

Orion Health, will be sharing their experiences and learnings from the past few weeks of working with NHS customers and how they have helped support the response to Covid-19. You can look forward to hearing about shared care records, their outbreak management solution, and remote patient monitoring.

One area in which the company has been supporting their customers is to further develop existing shared care records, including widening access to new groups of users such as care home staff and creating new workflows dedicated to Covid-19, for example for care coordination. In harnessing this existing technology, benefits can be realised for clinicians and care givers in terms of being able to make more informed decisions based on a complete view of the patient, improved collaborative working, time saving and more.

Moving beyond the shared care record, Orion Health is delivering an Outbreak Management Solution, which supports remote patient assessment and care co-ordination by clinicians. This solution is enabling benefits including freeing up resources, increasing capacity and more.

The presenters will cover the capability of shared care records and the Outbreak Management Solution to support with:
• Case management of Covid-19 patients – utilising tools for care coordination and improved workflows and expanding share care record access
• Reducing hospital load from Covid-19 patients and those living with chronic conditions through remote patient monitoring and tools for virtual care
• Providing digital citizen access to Covid-19 test results through a patient portal

Real-life case studies will be shared detailing how healthcare providers in the UK and across the globe are adopting these technologies to help manage the pandemic.

Jocelyn Palmer, Programme Manager, Connecting Care, NHS South, Central and West Commissioning Support Unit
Bruce Horne, Product Specialist Lead, Orion Health
Ben Wilson, Product Specialist Lead, Orion Health


Nicole Allan, Product Director – Engage, Orion Health

Pauline McLean, Clinical Consultant, Orion Health


Please find the slides below.

Digital Health Webinar May 2020 (2)