Nottingham University Hospitals NHS Trust launched a physiologist-led Echo Valve Clinic in September 2013 to help reduce demand on its busy cardiology clinic.

The weekly clinic, held at the Queen’s Medical Centre, monitors patients who have heart valve disease, but are not showing any symptoms. Previously, these patients had to visit the hospital for an echocardiogram and then return for a follow-up consultation; which led to delays.

Now, they are seen by a cardiac physiologist, who carries out an ultrasound scan of the heart, checks if the patient has been experiencing any symptoms, and then books them in for another check-up if there has been no change in their condition.

This enables the clinic to monitor patients more quickly and effectively, and reduces the administrative burden on the clinic.

The new way of working is underpinned by McKesson’s cardiology and information solution, CVIS, which is used to store, report and share the imaging. A new template was also built within the system to prompt the physiologist to ask specific questions and to determine whether the patient should be referred to a clinician.

This case study sets out in more detail the challenge faced by the trust, the clinic, and McKesson’s input into the service; which is an example of how clinicians and technology companies can collaborate to redesign workflows and improve outcomes.

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