Digital Health’s second podcast explores the Hack Day held at Summer Schools in July, including an interview with the winners of the two-day competition.

Hack Day, run by GP Marcus Baw, saw almost 100 entrants working on their ideas for improving care in the NHS through IT and technology.

The crown went to Hear My Record, which allows patients to have access to their medical record using Amazon Alexa.

Pitched by Kev Hamer, digital strategist and programme manager for University Hospitals Southampton (UHS) and Matt Beedle, My Medical Record product manager at UHS,  the innovation allows patients to manage their own healthcare from checking lab results to booking appointments.

Dr Michael Barry, emergency medicine doctor and CCIO for Medic Bleep and Sophie Ottaway from Equal Experts also formed part of the team.

Kev and his team originally had the idea a few years ago, they told the audience in Leeds, but shelved it after only one patient in a group of 80 at a yearly workshop said they owned an Alexa.

But, following the NHS and Alexa partnership announced in July, they decided it was a good time to take the idea to Hack Day.

Listen below for the full interview.

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