Joining Jordan Sollof on the latest Digital Health Unplugged Networks series episode are Helen Crowther, Ynez Symonds and Ian Bailey, in what is a continuation of the Rewired 2024 session ‘Community nursing – nursing in the digital age’.

The session at Rewired explored how digital is being approached from different areas of the community, including adult social care, GP, district nursing and primary care.

The panellists highlight the main areas of the discussion in Birmingham that resonated with them and their key takeaways, before explaining how work from a national perspective will support the increase of CNIOs in community settings, of which there are only six currently.

The trio then discuss the benefits of digital nursing networks, and each give their take on what is next in terms of leading and driving change in community nursing.


Helen Crowther, national digital primary care nurse lead, Digital Primary Care and CNIO Office at NHS England

Ynez Symonds, chief nursing information officer (CNIO) at Solent NHS Trust

Ian Bailey, senior clinical director at EMIS and district nurse and Queen’s nurse

The panellists are speaking in a personal capacity; therefore all views are their own and do not represent the views of their organisation.

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