The first Digital Health Unplugged for May is now live, taking a look at data collecting, sharing and accountability within the NHS.

Data collection and sharing has always been a contentious topic among privacy campaigners, big tech and pharma companies and the NHS. Now, with the development of a contact-tracing app, which forms part of the governments next stage of tackling Covid-19, the subject has been brought to the forefront again.

Join host and senior reporter Andrea Downey, alongside Hamza Drabu, commercial law partner at health and social care law firm DAC Beachcroft; Darryn Hale, senior associate, DAC Beachcroft; and Phil Booth, coordinator, privacy group medConfidential, as they discuss concerns around using patient data to trace corornavirus and the steps the NHS needs to take to ensure privacy.

The panel also look at the legalities that need to be in place to properly collect and utilise patient data and the processes needed to ensure patient trust is maintained.

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