Western Sussex Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust employs an average of 6,607 people who work across three hospitals.

They are St. Richard’s Hospital in Chichester, Southlands Hospital in Shoreham-by-Sea, and Worthing Hospital in the centre of Worthing.

Staff working across these hospitals rely on easy and fast access to vital data, from patient administration information to digital images.

However, the trust found itself faced with the prospect of spiralling support costs on legacy equipment paired with an increasing need for a more reliable data platform.

This came to a head at the beginning of 2019 when issues with the trust’s five-year-old integrated hardware solution became more frequent.

On top of this, issues such as component failures and support difficulties were taking up more time for staff.

The trust also faced increasing costs for support which meant the business case to plan to stop using a legacy platform became clearer.

However, choosing the right one was an important decision with a number of requirements needing to be met. This included being fast, easy to implement along with straightforward maintenance and upgrades.

“A hyperconverged solution that could be incrementally upgraded meant we could effectively commoditise IT server and compute,” Jon Beverton, technical lead for infrastructure for Western Sussex Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust, says in the report.

“We were after flexibility and simplification to avoid a repeat of the five-year buying cycle. We wanted the flexibility of buying another node or two and putting them into production as needed.”

This led the trust to Nutanix and their hyperconverged solution.

Now the trust has migrated 70% of its server workloads onto Nutanix and has decommissioned around 200 servers from the legacy platform.

The solution has also been met with positivity, with IT staff saying the responses from Nutanix’s engineers are swift.

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