The latest Digital Health Unplugged is now live – this time taking a look at the power of data during a pandemic.

There has been a renewed drive from the government and NHS for better access to good quality data – this has helped them plan for the pandemic, including localised outbreaks and future responses.

Our expert panel look at why access to data is important and whether the pandemic has permanently changed the country’s relationship with data.

Host Andrea Downey is joined by:

  • Caroline Cake, chief executive of Health Data Research UK
  • Cathie Sudlow, director of British Heart Foundation Data Science Centre, and consultant stoke neurologist in Edinburgh
  • Dr Ami Banerjee, associate professor in clinical data science and consultant cardiologist at University College London Hospitals and Barts NHS Trusts

The panel also look at the importance of collecting black, Asian and minority ethnic data, both during a pandemic and in general, as well as the need for better infrastructure to ensure good collection of data.

Privacy and security remain a key concern for patients when it comes to sharing their data, with the panel addressing the need to have open conversations with people about how their data will be used.

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